Dr. Ejaz Waseem(Pediatrician & Paeds Gastroenterologist) has started
accepting all Insurance patients on direct billing basis.

About Us

Treatment with Love & Care... at "Northwest Clinic"

Why Northwest Clinic?

We, all the residents in UAE have to have a doctor whom we can call ‘my doctor’ in a medical centre that is community based, easily accessible, hold our medical records in a manner that we expect i.e. with trust and confidentiality, and we can be confident about the expertise, professionalism and honesty of the doctors and their advised treatments, as well as who are easy to reach.

We believe Northwest Clinic provides this service.

The specialists and consultants at Northwest Clinic are leading established experts recognized by their peers and patients, for their experience and training from internationally renowned institutions. They deliver care to their patients with respect and dignity and are known for their decent mannerism among the community.

You will find the staff at Northwest Clinic to be friendly, responsive and welcoming professionals. They strive towards fulfilling the requirements of the clinic, while maintaining a high level of service to our patients.

We aim to create a friendly, welcoming environment for people of all ages and backgrounds in need of medical assistance. We aim to be the people’s first choice for the welfare of themselves and their family.

Vision of Northwest Clinic

Vision of Northwest Clinic

God willing, Northwest Clinic will grow to be recognized as a leading provider of primary and specialized family healthcare services in neighborhoods and among communities in the United Arab Emirates.

Mission of Northwest Clinic

Mission of Northwest Clinic

We strive towards creating bonds between our patients and their families with our medical experts and professionals that will not be limited to the conventional hospital treatment. Instead, while we will provide the best contemporary and evidence based medical practice, we are committed to help, guide and provide information related to services which we may not be able to directly support.

Expert Team

We bring in only the highest caliber of skill and talent to our entire team, both medical and non-medical professionals. We are pragmatic and highly knowledgeable, giving careful consideration to issues and concerns, and determining an effective path forward.

Logo of Northwest Clinic

Our logo is an illustration of one family. This is signified by the three leaves; the small purple leaf represents a child, the blue leaf represents the father and the purple leaf represents the mother. This is intended to demonstrate how highly we value family.

Why the name Northwest Clinic?

We believe Jumeirah in Dubai is in the northwest of UAE. Some of our consultants have lived and trained in the northwest of UK and moved from the mountains in the northwest of Pakistan. Hence few of us seem to have a natural propensity with northwest wherever we go! Located in Al Manara Umm Suqeim, Jumeirah, on the main Al Wasl Road, in the neighborhood of Burj Al Arab on the Jumeira beach road, Northwest Clinic is conveniently accessible from Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Barsha, Springs, Meadows, Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Media city and knowledge village.

Meet our doctors

Dr Zia ul Hasan

Dr. Zia Ul Hasan

MBBS-Peshawar Pakistan, MRCP-UK, MSc Diabetes-UK, FRCP-UK Diabetes and Endocrinologist
Dr Ejaz Waseem

Dr. Ejaz Waseem

MBBS MRCPCH–UK DCH–Ireland, Fellowship in Paeds Gastroenterology - Canada Paediatrician
Dr Zain Gulzar

Dr. Zain Gulzar

M.D, FACE, ECNU, American Board Certified in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Endocrinologist
Dr M Adnan Raufi

Dr. M Adnan Raufi

Dr Ahmed El-Shafei

Dr. Ahmed El-Shafei

PhD in Psychiatry Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr Noor Niels-Peter Buchholz

Dr. Noor Niels-Peter Buchholz

MBBS MD FSSU FKNMG MFMLM, German Swiss Netherlands & UK Boards Urologist
Dr Dr Sanjay Vodela

Dr. Sanjay Vodela

MBBS, MS (Ophthalmology), FLVPEI (Cornea), LASIK - Bausch & Lomb, India Ophthalmologist
Dr Faqir Ahmad Qazi

Dr. Faqir Ahmad Qazi

MBBS ( Peshawar, Pakistan ), FRCS ( Ophthalmology : UK ) , MRCOphth ( UK ) , FEBO ( Fellow of European Board of ophthalmology ) CertLRS ( UK ) Ophthalmologist
Mr. M  Fraij

Mr. M Fraij

MA - Psychology Clinical Psychologist
Muhammad S. Tahir

Dr. Muhammad S. Tahir

Child Adolescent & Adult Psychiatrist American Board Psychiatrist
Dr M. El Hommossany

Dr. M. El Hommossany

BDS HDDendo FICOI USA Specialist Dentist
Dr. Ahmad Atef

Dr. Ahmad Atef

Dr A. Sarhan

Dr. A. Sarhan

Family and Cosmetic Dentistry General Dentist
Dr. Aarti Javeri Mehta

Dr. Aarti Javeri Mehta

MBBS, MRCP – UKGeneral Practitioner
Dr. Sharik Ali

Dr. Sharik Ali

BSc(Hons) Chiropractic (UK) Chiropractor
Dr Saima Salahuddhin

Dr. Saima Salahuddhin

MBBS MRCGP UK FRACGP Australia, Nutrition Certification Australia, NLP / Hypnotherapy – American and UK BoardsFamily Medicine Specialist
Ms. Mitun De Sarkar

Ms. Mitun De Sarkar

Msc – Dietetics – Clinical Nutrition Dietician

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