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Dr Ahmed El-Shafei

Dr. Ahmed El-Shafei

Consultant Psychiatrist
PhD in Psychiatry
Consulting Time
Sunday to Thursday 8.30am - 12.00pm

Dr. Ahmed Elshafei is a general adult psychiatrist with 20 years of experience in psychiatry. He holds a Doctorate Degree (PhD) in psychiatry from Sin Shams University in Cairo as well as a Diploma in Psychiatric Practice from the conjoint board of King's College London and Ain Shams University.

He has practised in both academic and clinical settings in Ain Shams University, Egypt and in private hospitals in Egypt and Bahrain.

He is experienced in the diagnosis and management of different psychiatric disorders with a special interest in cognitive behavioral therapy in depression, anxiety disorders and personality disorders.

He has been awarded by the WPA for his outstanding work with patients with chronic mental illness. His work on the rehabilitation of patients with schizophrenia was unprecedented. He developed an educational program to improve the knowledge and attitude of families of patients with schizophrenia in Arabic language.

He has published more than 10 articles in regional scientific journals and co-authored 8 posters and publications presented at international congresses and published in international peer-reviewed journals. His native language is Arabic and he is fluent in both English and French.

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