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Physiotherapy Department in Northwest Clinic provides a wide range of services.

Physiotherapy will help you recover from injury, illness or disability, by restoring the movement and function of your body. It also reduces the risk of injury and illness in the future.

Physiotherapy is helpful for the treatment of bones, joints or soft tissue problems, such as back pain, neck pain, or sports injuries for people of all ages. It also aids in treatment for wide range of conditions like brain or nervous system related conditions, such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis (MS). Physiotherapy services are also helpful in pre- and post-operative management of orthopedic and rheumatologic disorders with structural and impairments that cause difficulty in doing activities.

Physiotherapy can involve a number of different treatments and our Physiotherapy Department is best in providing you with the most advanced evidence-based practice that will maintain, restore and maximize individual’s movement and functional ability.

Physiotherapy Specialist will create a structured plan for you that may include exercises, stretching and movements.

Treatment and Techniques

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Services covers a wide range of treatments and techniques:

  • Orthopedic, musculo-skeletal, sports injuries
  • Heat/Cold/Contrast therapy
  • Electrotherapy units include all types of currents as TENS, electrical muscles stimulation, interferential current, ultrasound etc.
  • Kinesio Taping Method
  • Advanced Manual Therapy Concepts
  • Wellness Care & Back In Shape (Pre- and Post-Natal Period)
  • Proper training provided to Desk job staff for best and near to ideal posture maintenance at their work place
  • Long term exercise program for musculo-skeletal injuries for best healing and possibly recovery status
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Meet our doctors

Dr Zia ul Hasan

Dr. Zia Ul Hasan

MBBS-Peshawar Pakistan, MRCP-UK, MSc Diabetes-UK, FRCP-UK Diabetes and Endocrinologist
Dr Ejaz Waseem

Dr. Ejaz Waseem

MBBS MRCPCH–UK DCH–Ireland, Fellowship in Paeds Gastroenterology - Canada Paediatrician
Dr Zain Gulzar

Dr. Zain Gulzar

M.D, FACE, ECNU, American Board Certified in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Endocrinologist
Dr. Afrasyab Khan

Dr. Afrasyab Khan

MBBS (AKU) FRACP (New Zealand) Consultant Gastroenterology
Dr Ahmed El-Shafei

Dr. Ahmed El-Shafei

PhD in Psychiatry Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr Noor Niels-Peter Buchholz

Dr. Noor Niels-Peter Buchholz

MBBS MD FSSU FKNMG MFMLM, German Swiss Netherlands & UK Boards Urologist
Dr. Mohsin Azam

Dr. Mohsin Azam

MBBS MCPS FCPS (Orthopedics) Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon
Dr. Sadia Malick

Dr. Sadia Malick

Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
Dr Faqir Ahmad Qazi

Dr. Faqir Ahmad Qazi

MBBS ( Peshawar, Pakistan ), FRCS ( Ophthalmology : UK ) , MRCOphth ( UK ) , FEBO ( Fellow of European Board of ophthalmology ) CertLRS ( UK ) Ophthalmologist
Dr M. El Hommossany

Dr. M. El Hommossany

BDS HDDendo FICOI USA Specialist Dentist
Dr. Ahmad Atef

Dr. Ahmad Atef

Dr. Aarti Javeri Mehta

Dr. Aarti Javeri Mehta

MBBS, MRCP – UKInternal Medicine
Dr. M.Y. Raslan MD DC

Dr. M.Y. Raslan MD DC

Doctor of Chiropractic (USA) Chiropractor
Ms. Mitun De Sarkar

Ms. Mitun De Sarkar

Msc – Dietetics – Clinical Nutrition Dietician
Dr. Hiba Malik

Dr. Hiba Malik

Physiotherapy Specialist Physiotherapy Specialist

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