Dr. Ejaz Waseem(Pediatrician & Paeds Gastroenterologist) has started
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Treatment we offer

  • Kidney (infections, stones, tumors, and more…)
  • Bladder (infections, stones, tumors, and more…)
  • Prostate (enlargement, cancer, infection)
  • Male genitalia (pain, swellings, and more…)
  • Bedwetting
  • Frequent urge to urinate (nervous bladder)
  • Reduced urinary flow
  • Incontinence (involuntary loss of urine)
  • Reduced sexual performance (erectile dysfunction)
  • Unfulfilled wish for a child (male infertility)


  • Ultrasound diagnostics
  • Urodynamic
  • Urinary flow assessment
  • Kidney function assessment
  • Urine tests
  • 24 hour urine collections for stone prevention
  • Visual bladder inspection (cystoscopy)
  • A full range of surgical procedures for urological conditions including
  • Shock wave treatment of stones
  • Minimally invasive surgery (keyhole, laparoscopy)
  • Laser surgery

Most modern sophisticated and state-of-the-art. That’s the Urology Department of Northwest Clinic, helping hundreds of patients treat their Urological problems. The department boasts of the latest in world-class equipment and an extremely proficient doctor with long years of western qualified and experienced to perform a full range of Urology treatments.

Our Doctors

Dr Noor Niels Peter Buchholz
Dr. Noor Niels – Peter Buchholz


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Meet our doctors

Dr Zia ul Hasan

Dr. Zia Ul Hasan

MBBS-Peshawar Pakistan, MRCP-UK, MSc Diabetes-UK, FRCP-UK Diabetes and Endocrinologist
Dr Ejaz Waseem

Dr. Ejaz Waseem

MBBS MRCPCH–UK DCH–Ireland, Fellowship in Paeds Gastroenterology - Canada Paediatrician
Dr Noor Niels-Peter Buchholz

Dr. Noor Niels-Peter Buchholz

MBBS MD FSSU FKNMG MFMLM, German Swiss Netherlands & UK Boards Urologist
Dr Zain Gulzar

Dr. Zain Gulzar

M.D, FACE, ECNU, American Board Certified in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Endocrinologist
Dr Dr Sanjay Vodela

Dr. Sanjay Vodela

MBBS, MS (Ophthalmology), FLVPEI (Cornea), LASIK - Bausch & Lomb, India Ophthalmologist
Muhammad S. Tahir

Dr. Muhammad S. Tahir

Child Adolescent & Adult Psychiatrist American Board Psychiatrist
Dr M. El Hommossany

Dr. M. El Hommossany

BDS HDDendo FICOI USA Specialist Dentist
Dr. Ahmad Atef

Dr. Ahmad Atef

Dr A. Sarhan

Dr. A. Sarhan

Family and Cosmetic Dentistry General Dentist
Mr. M  Fraij

Mr. M Fraij

MA - Psychology Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Sharik Ali

Dr. Sharik Ali

BSc(Hons) Chiropractic (UK) Chiropractor
Dr. Aarti Javeri Mehta

Dr. Aarti Javeri Mehta

MBBS, MRCP – UKGeneral Practitioner
Dr Saima Salahuddhin

Dr. Saima Salahuddhin

MBBS MRCGP UK FRACGP Australia, Nutrition Certification Australia, NLP / Hypnotherapy – American and UK BoardsFamily Medicine Specialist
Ms. Mitun De Sarkar

Ms. Mitun De Sarkar

Msc – Dietetics – Clinical Nutrition Dietician

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